National Women’s Day Deva Transformation.

National Women’s Transformation of the Day! All Deva: Build Up Buster followed by a treatment of Melt Into Moisture & Deep Sea Repair mixed in equal parts and processed for 20 minutes. Deva Decadence Conditioner sealed the deal. Styled with B’Leavin, Ultra Defining Gel and Set It Free. This client’s hair was so dehydrated that… Continue reading National Women’s Day Deva Transformation.


Making the Most of Moisture

Porosity determines hair’s ability to absorb and hold water. Making hair healthy and able to absorb and retain moisture will contribute to healthy hair. Moisture in its purest form is water and is what your hair needs to be healthy. Dehydrated curls are not a good look. It’s how you hydrate your curls regardless of their porosity that will give you a great curly style,… Continue reading Making the Most of Moisture

Alcohol: The Bad and the Good

We’re talking hair products now, not your preferred pub beverage or dinner accompaniment! If you check the ingredients in your hair-care arsenal, chances are alcohol of some type is lurking in there. Alcohol is used in hair products for a number of reasons: to thicken them, to keep them from foaming, to help keep them… Continue reading Alcohol: The Bad and the Good

Weather watch: understand how dew point affects your curls

Did you know that learning about dew point is actually more relevant to your hair than knowing the level of humidity in the air? In simple terms, dew point is the temperature at which the first droplets of water appear. It can also be describes as the temperature where the air you’re in can’t hold… Continue reading Weather watch: understand how dew point affects your curls