New Deva Super Stretch!

Super curlies do you want length and elongation without weighing curls down or sacrificing definition? New...Deva Super Stretch amazing results @ curly girls studio!


Natural Grey Transitioning & Toning

These curlies both have a little grey and previous color they are trying to grow out. Our brown-haired curl has some brassy and our highlight blonde has found her curls have gone brassy and at odds with her natural grey tones she’s allowing to grow in. No Limits from Organic Colour Systems is a temporary… Continue reading Natural Grey Transitioning & Toning

National Women’s Day Deva Transformation.

National Women’s Transformation of the Day! All Deva: Build Up Buster followed by a treatment of Melt Into Moisture & Deep Sea Repair mixed in equal parts and processed for 20 minutes. Deva Decadence Conditioner sealed the deal. Styled with B’Leavin, Ultra Defining Gel and Set It Free. This client’s hair was so dehydrated that… Continue reading National Women’s Day Deva Transformation.