Hi there. I’m so glad you discovered my blog on how to Always Be Curly…and love it!

My passion is helping curly girls discover the true beauty in their hair through expert cuts, the best styling methods for every type of curl, and colour that is free of PPD and ammonia for healthier hair.

My blog will provide:
• tips and tricks for easy curl maintenance of all curl textures and curl types
• updates on amazing products for curly girls
• expert advice from one of North America’s premier curl specialists
• …and much, much more!

You’ll find useful information, interesting news from the world of curls, and the occasional joke. So come back often; I’ve got lots to share.

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. Hi I have recently found out my hair is more in the wavy curly section but I go to a normal hair salon to cut and dye my hair because it’s red I found out about this salon trying to do research on how I can know what will help out my hair get back it’s curl pattern I really hope I can get a bit of advice and maybe get a hair cut and more from this place and maybe I can get help on finding my pattern back.


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